Andrea Ritchie
Referral Terms & Conditions


The referral offer is run in good faith and conducted within these terms & conditions:

* To be eligible your referral must sell unconditionally through Andrea Ritchie

* The listing type is to be either a SOLE AGENCY, AUCTION or TENDER

* Agency period must be at least 90 days

* For the purpose of this programme, the word "Sell" means any Referral Property that is listed with Andrea Ritchie as described, that has a "Sale & Purchase Agreement" written by her during the agency period, which subsequently settles.

* The referee will receive their referral bonus within 10 working days after the successful property settlement

* In the event that more than one person refers the same person, the referral fee will be paid to the first person who contacts Andrea Ritchie (provided Andrea Ritchie has not already been in contact with the person that the referrer is referring)